A woman with long blonde hair sits at a desk reading a book. She is wearing dark frame glasses and a blue jumper. The desk is white with a small white vase holding peach colour flowers.


Like many modern-day practices, bibliotherapy has a long history.  Above the library of Pharaoh Ramses II was an inscription which translates to ‘the house of healing for the soul’.  The word bibliotherapy dates to Ancient Greece. ‘Biblion’ is the Greek word for books, and ‘therapeia’ meaning healing. Although American Minister Samuel Crothers was the person…

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Photo of a young Asian woman sitting at a desk with her head in her hands. She has two male and one female colleagues standing over her pointing and looking angry.

Mental Health at Work: We all have a role to play

Written by Tracy Shirvill TW: psychological harm, suicide October is Mental Health Month. The Mental Health Commission of NSW’s theme for 2023 is ‘we all have a role to play’. Many of the suggestions on how we can help each other and ourselves to improve our mental health have been acts of self-care and kindness…

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A large black wire basket with rolled up towels and exfoliating kit and another small black wire basket with spa items sit next to a black pin board with the words 'self care is the new health care'.

Celebrating International Self-Care Day

Written by Tracy Shirvill Being a counsellor who talks a lot about self-care, I was pleased to learn about International Self-Care Day. July 24 has been chosen to bring attention to the importance of self-care. People around the world are encouraged to prioritise self-care as a part of their everyday routine. The World Health Organisation…

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