Empowering Women's Well-being: Online Counselling Tailored to You

A sketch of a flower with the definition of 'Felicity' - the quality or state of being happy; to produce or yield; the ability to find appropriate expression of one's thoughts.

Are you happy?

It seems like a simple question but it’s one women can find hard to answer.  Maybe we want to say yes because we think we should be happy, but deep down something is stopping you from fully saying ‘yes I am’.

Finding Felicity was created because life can be hard.  It can be difficult for women to prioritise themselves, to balance needs with responsibilities, to discover why your anxiety or sadness exists.  It can be hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings you experience every day.  This is where counselling can help.


Anxiety & Depression

Feelings of worry, panic, mood swings, and intense sadness can be distressing, tiring, and make day to day tasks hard.


Grief & Bereavement

Grief can affect every part of our lives. Not just emotionally, but physically, spiritually, socially, and culturally.


Post Divorce Growth

Rediscover who you are and create a new future.


Relationship Issues

Relationships are essential to our well being. Family, friends, colleagues and romantic relationships can be stressful when things go wrong.


Stress & Burnout

Burnout is the experience of complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. It's also preventable and treatable when it does occur.


Low Self-Esteem

We can experience low self-esteem at any age, especially when we are under pressure or when life feels like it's falling apart.

Tracy is a plus-size white woman with medium length dark blonde hair. She wears glasses and a navy blue top.

Meet Tracy


The end of a relationship in my mid-30’s prompted a deep reflection of what I wanted my future to look like.  While at times this reflection felt like a crisis I was really experiencing a transformation, leading me to pursue the career I had always wanted.  Counselling is my passion.  Travelling alongside you on your journey to a fulfilling and meaningful life is my purpose.

Indvidual Counselling

A brunette woman wearing a white crochet top sits at a window with a tea cup and laptop placed on a table in front of her


Black woman with short hair wearing a red shirt and green pants sitting in a wheelchair with a laptop on her lap.

Bringing Counselling to You

Having been to counselling ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to get the support you need when and where you need it.   Our online platform provides you with the convenience and flexibility to receive support from a counsellor who understands your unique challenges. Online counselling provides you with all of the benefits of in-person sessions without worrying about:

  • Whether you will run into someone you know
  • Disrupting your already busy schedule
  • Traffic and parking
  • Living too far away

All you need is a private space, a device with internet connection and we do the rest.  Counselling shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter experience.  We use a tailored approach to make sure the counselling you receive suites your needs, personality, values and goals.

A woman of colour wearing an orange t-shirt sits at a kitchen table with her laptop open. She is holding a coffee cup and there are notebooks on the table and an indoor plant beside her.

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