Rectangle funeral wreath made from purple roses and green leaves placed on grey tiles

Mourning the Death of a Monarch

Written by Tracy Shirvill This morning the southern hemisphere woke up to the news that Queen Elizabeth II has died, bringing with it the ever-complex emotions that death brings.  Queen Elizabeth II represents many things to many people.  For some she was a great leader, representing the characteristics that women bring to leadership roles in…

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Medium size kraft gift bag wrapped with a dark blue ribbon with the word dad handwritten on a gift tag tied on with a white ribbon placed on a warn wooden floor with a grey background. Image is for father's day

Our Fathers

Written by Tracy Shirvill At a recent gathering I was moved by a close friend sharing her gratitude for her father’s guidance in helping her to find her life purpose and supporting her through the ups and downs of embarking on her path.  Her sharing prompted more than one of us to think about the…

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A small, round beeswax candle alight next to three small white flowers

Dying to Know

Written by Tracy Shirvill Over the past week events have been held around Australia and overseas as part of the annual Dying to Know campaign.  Dying to Know was started by the Groundswell Project and aims to support Australians to live and die well by improving death literacy, end-of-life planning, and encouraging conversations around death,…

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A partly opened pink lilly flower with the sun glowing between the petals in front of a blurred field

Finding Happiness Through Felicity

Written by Tracy Shirvill To some a business name can be compared to the cornerstone of a building; it orients both the business and clients into a specific direction.  When I decided to open up my own private practice, I wanted my business name to reflect what counselling is, what clients experience coming to counselling,…

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