A black woman with short hair sits at a dining table smiling with her laptop open holding a white coffee mug.
Counsellors have long used a variety of ways to reach their clients such as letters and email.  It’s natural then for counsellors and clients to look for modern ways of connecting.  The past few years have seen counsellors embrace online counselling, and clients pushing for service flexibility.  You can read more about online counselling here.  
At Finding Felicity I use Zoom to connect with clients.  Zoom is user friendly, and offers end-to-end encryption. This means that your sessions are secure and easy to access.  

Is Online Counselling for You? 

I have spoken to some people who think that online counselling is just not for them.  A common reason I hear is ‘I’m too old for that!”.  I can assure you that online counselling is easier than you may imagine, with people of all ages seeing their counsellor online (and yes, I do mean ALL ages).

If you are still unsure I ask that you give it a go.  All you need is a device, internet access, and a quiet place that provides some privacy.  Pets are more than welcome to join in as well.